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Student Scientific Society is an independent, non-profit, voluntary association of students of the University who are interested in scientific problems of medicine and have the ability to creative, organizational and research work, created with the purpose of protecting the rights and interests of young scientists in the field of scientific activities and support of scientific activities , innovation and knowledge sharing.

The SSS Council is the governing and executive body of the SSS. The SSS Council is determined by the Chairman of the Council in agreement with the scientific advisor of the SNT and the members of the SSS Council.

The Council, within its competence, functions as an advisory body to the University Presidentship.

Members of the Council may be members of the SSS who are actively engaged in scientific work in the Circles, have at least 1 printed work and an average achievement score during their studies at the University is not lower than “good” on the state rating scale, actively participate in SSS activities.


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