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Department of International Relations


The department’s work is aimed at solving the following tasks:

  • establishment of contacts with domestic and foreign legal entities and individuals, representatives of educational institutions of foreign countries with the aim of organizational and legal support of foreigners wishing to obtain higher education at the University;
  • participation in solving the issues of organization of professional training and internship of teachers in foreign educational establishments, in international educational programs;
  • dissemination of information on the directions and conditions of admission to the University abroad, monitoring of current and prospective academic exchange programs; organizing the selection of participants in academic exchange programs;
  • study of advanced educational technologies of foreign countries, experience of leading universities of Ukraine in the field of preparation of foreign students;
  • registration and issuance of training invitations to foreign citizens;
  • ensuring the stay of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine legally;
  • registration and visa support of foreign students, graduate students and trainees, other foreign citizens arriving for a long time to Ukraine at the invitation of the University;
  • control over the verification of documents submitted by foreign nationals upon admission and admission to the University in accordance with the applicable law;
  • control over registration of personal cases of foreign students, contracts with foreign students, documents accompanying studies of foreign citizens;
  • providing foreigners with organizational and legal support in carrying out the procedure of nostrification of foreign higher education documents, if they are submitted by them upon entering the University;
  • registration of student cards, credit books and diplomas;
  • keeping records of applications of foreign entrants, protocols of conducting interviews with them;
  • activities to encourage foreigners to study at the University;
  • ensuring, together with other departments of the University, the successful training of foreign nationals;
  • keeping records of the success of foreigners’ studies, control over the implementation of their curricula, elimination of academic arrears, carrying out work on renewal of studies and transfer of foreigners, etc.;
  • registration of diplomas for foreign graduates on the basis of documents provided by the deans of faculties (directors of institutes);
  • legalization of graduation documents of foreign students in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and delivery of Apostille;
  • development and updating of the Regulations on admission of foreigners to the University.

2.3. The functions of the department include:

  • preparation of draft agreements on cooperation in the field of education of foreign students;
  • registration and issuance for studying invitations to foreign citizens;
  • preparation of relevant reporting documents and inquiries at the request of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine, the RSA, embassies and other organizations of Ukraine and foreign countries (including information about graduates of past years as citizens other states and citizens of Ukraine who are abroad);
  • ensuring the stay of foreigners and stateless persons in Ukraine legally;
  • performing other functions in the field of international activity within the competence of the department.


The main tasks of the University implemented with the participation of the department are:

  1. Execution of tasks stipulated by work plans.
  2. Establishing and establishing contacts with international organizations and agencies, embassies of foreign countries in Ukraine and embassies of Ukraine abroad;
  3. Contacts with educational establishments of other countries on concluding cooperation agreements, obtaining the necessary documents for preparation, retraining and advanced training at the University; development and development of international bilateral and framework cooperation between the University and academic institutions.
  4. Registration, registration, documentation and direct organization of visits of foreign delegations, specialists, teachers and students arriving at the University for the purpose of studying, etc.;
  5. Translation of correspondence and current documents within the competence of the department into foreign languages;
  6. Providing the University’s management and staff with information on teaching foreign students at the PRIVATE UNIVERSITY OF HIGHER EDUCATION “INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN UNIVERSITY”.


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